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100% Pure Black Tongkat Ali Root.


The black ongkat Ali enzyme is extracted in a 1:10 ratio of plant to water or alcohol. The plant is extracted in boiling water for traditional use and can also be used in making capsules. The usual ratio is 10kg of the extracting solution as against 1 kg of the substrate. The enzyme is a lot easier to absorb by the body when extracted than when it is taking raw.


The black variant of the Tongkat Ali plant is a very potent plant that is useful in solving sexual health-related issues mostly in men and it is also beneficial for athletes. Overall the drug is good to be used in its raw form in the right dosage and also in its synthesized form.

Polyalthia Bullata Black tong kat ali Liver Kidney tonic

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  • Red Tongkat Ali is especially strong in enhancing one's energy and immune system.


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