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100% Pure Red Tongkat Ali Root (Stema Tuberosa).

Red Tongkat Ali . It is given its name because when uprooted and washed, it gives off a Redish coloration. It is a tall evergreen tree and can grow to be up to a height of 12 meters. The roots usually go in deep into the soil to a length of about 2 meters. The yellow Tongkat Ali has been greatly used for restoring health, strength, and vitality.

The Red strain of the plant tastes bitter and has a bit of the ginseng smell and is more commonly and easily available as opposed to the yellow and black variant. Just like its sister strains, the Red Tongkat ali acts like a natural Viagra and helps in the treatment of all sorts of sexual dysfunctions but apart from that, it has some other uses which we would discuss below.


  • SEXUAL BOOSTER AND TESTOSTERONE ENHANCER: Just like the other variants of the Tongkat Ali the yellow strain also has the effect of an aphrodisiac when taken. The enzymes it contains also help to trigger the brain to release adequate amounts of testosterone to enhance sexual performance and health.

  • PROMOTES BONE FORMATION: The roots of the Tongkat also helps in promoting bone formation. As it is used as a supplement in food sometimes.

  • ANTIBIOTIC AND ANTI-MALARIAL: The roots of the plant are commonly used in unorthodox and orthodox medicine to cure Malaria and bacterial infections.

  • REDUCTION OF STRESS AND ANXIETY: It helps in combating stress by binding with the stress hormone Cortisol inhibiting it. It would reduce the likelihood of everyday stress associated with stress and diet enhancing instead and increased memory retention.

  • BLOOD SUGAR REGULATION: The Tongkat Ali helps to reduce blood sugar level in the body and keep it at a constant level. No wonder most diabetes herbal tea has it as one of its ingredients.

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  • Red Tongkat Ali is especially strong in enhancing one's energy and immune system.


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