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KIndah Tropicals  Vitality Revitalization Elixir


1. Yellow Dock

2. Burdock Root

3. Cats Claw Root

4. Dandelion Root

5. Golden Seal Root

6. Marshmellow Root

7. Pau D Arco Bark

8. Noni Fruit Powder

9. Seamoss (Minerial Replenisment overall cellular help)

10. Bladder Wrack (intestinal health and overal meneral replenisment)
11. Aloe Vera Gel 

Recomended Uses as a dietary supplement for the folliwng ailments: 

1.Blood Cleanser and Rebuilder

2.Anti cancer (All Stages and Types)

3. Anti infalmatory (Total Body Protection Prevention)

4. Kidney and liver cleansing properties ( Purging and removial of toxins        to aid in cellular cleansing and anti oxidation process) 

5. Stomach and Intestional track problems 

6. Skin Problems and many many more posibilities that lead to better             oaveral health and vitality

Vitality Revitalization Elixir

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