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KIndah Tropicals  Female  Revittalization  Powder

Our Female Vitality formula was specifically designed to deal with the female repoductive system  in its totality not just to imporve sexual relations but a strong effort to attempt to reestablish a overal total health and well being

that leads to more happy productive life styles period..


Our ingrediients are a combination of the most Historically time proven Roots, Barks, Fruits and leaves thats exclusivly renound in their overal help amd contribution to both male and female reproductive systems

and weive combined A strong synergy of these top Herbs into one formula to maximize the benifits of the synergy of healing and regeneration power of all 

 ingredints involved.



1. Black Cohash

2. Cordceps (Mushrooms)

4. L.Citurline

5. L. Arginine

6. Nettle Leaf Root/Leaf

7. Aswagandha root

8. Maca Root (Peru)

9. Chasteberry Extract 

10. Wild Yam Extract

11. Calendula Flowers

12. MSM (Sulfur)

13. Raspberry Leaves Extract

14. Shatavari

15. Muira Puama

16. Oat Straw 

17. Motherwort

18. Damina

19. Mucuna pruriens 

20. Red Clover Flower Extract

21. Cramp Bark


Recomended Uses as a dietary supplement for the folliwng ailments: 

1. Energy Clean no crash and burn feeling

2. Menepaousal systems

3 Helps blance estrogen throughout the body

4. Helps calm the nervus system and make for a more balanced day

5. Helps improve mental clarity

6. Can Lead to better libido and overall sexral enjoyment and pleasure

6. aid in blancing out menstrial cycles I..e heavy bleeding , irregular cycles, Etc...

7. Help with Blood and oxegen delivery to vital organs for better overall vitality ,performance and endurance over a longer period of time with that crash and burn feeling of common energy drinks

8. Aid in pain relief during Menstrial cycle (Cramps water retention)

and many many many more vitality Regenerative Functions


Menopause Relief Female Revitalization Powder

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