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KIndah Tropicals Distributorships program:

Benifits include:

1. 25% discount on all advertised products for resale purposes  (Sale, discounted, event promotionals and all coupons are excluded from any membership/partner ciscounts)

2. $250.00 initial products disbusements

3. one year membership agreement

4. $99.00 renewal fee Yearly

5. Direct Vip response concerning all matters and issues 

6. access to exclusivie products not offered to the public sites

7. National access for national and international group conference calls directed at hellping to better strenghten our naturopathic community.

8. all Fresh Fruits and vegetables are excluded from this discounted purchases.



Level One Distributorships Bean Shop

One Year Subscription
  • 100% 30 day Money Back Guarantee

    Shipping Cost is additional to purchase price.

    Buyer pays all return Shipping cost