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(White’s ginger; Asase hwam; Kanabo) This woody vine is a male aphrodisiac widely used in Africa to treat impotence, improve sexual function, and boost the libido. Its roots are used by traditional herbalists for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. On the streets of Accra, in Ghana, it is widely sold to be chewed as an aphrodisiac. Its roots and root bark have a bittersweet taste at first that becomes sweet over time, something suggestive of vanilla, or of licorice and ginger. Outside Africa it is not well known but it is sometimes called “African ginger” or “White´s ginger”. In East Africa and southern Africa it is used for a variety of problems including indigestion, poor appetite, gonorrhea and others. It is also an important antidepressant. But by far its main use in all areas is as an aphrodisiac. In East Africa it is called ogumbo by the Luo people, which translates to “desire” as in “desire for food, sex and happiness.” That pretty much covers it all -- what else could anyone want? Studies on rabbits and rats, and on sperm motility, strongly support the herb´s traditional use as an aphrodisiac, but so far no human studies have been done. But it could be just a matter of time because interest in this herb is growing. 

Mondia Root (Ghana Africa)

  • Male Reproductive system and Libido Ehancer 

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