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100% Pure Black Tongkat Ali Root.


  • INCREASED MALE FERTILITY: The black Tongkat Ali is a great herb that helps to support hormone boosts and promotes normal sperm quality. A recent study showed that 755 of men that consumed the black Tongkat Ali root experienced an improvement in their sperm quality and tended to get their spouses pregnant more easily.

  • INCREASED TESTOSTERONE: The common use of Tongkat Ali was as an aphrodisiac and for other symptoms of andropause. The root of BlackTongkat Ali has shown to possess compounds that stimulate libido. This is mostly attributed to an increase in testosterone. Studies have also shown that men who used the black Tongkat Ali have experienced improvements in erectile function and volume of their semen.

  • WEIGHT LOSS AND MUSCLE GAIN: An increase in testosterone levels in the body which the Tongkat Ali influences inadvertently aids in the loss of body fat while boosting your ability to have a lean and athletic body. It also acts as a supplement for people into muscle and fitness exercises.

  • ANTI-CANCER AND IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTING: The black Tongkat Ali is known to be an important ingredient in anti-cancer drugs. It has also be found to be able to boost the immune system of individuals and sometimes has been incorporated into antibiotics. It is good for the liver too and “QI”.S

The black Tongkat Ali is used mainly because of its roots as it contains the most potent of the compound responsible for its curative attributes. In orthodox medicine, they have been sued to create some of the most popular Viagra’s and hormone-boosting drugs. Export of raw Black Tongkat Ali has been banned in Malaysia. Hence most of the extracts used to synthesize drugs are created in Malaysia and then shipped out.

Wholesale Black Tongkat Ali Root liver and kidney restorer

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